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Welcome to the number 1 most UNoffical fan site for 戦国TURB (Sengoku TURB)!

I made this site to compile information about Sengoku TURB, an action RPG developed by qnep for the Dreamcast. On this site you can expect to find a rundown of what TURB is, some guides to help my fellow english speaking fans, and other cool stuff that has to do with TURB.

I'm just a fan. I'm not qnep, nanorayspex, NEC Home Electronics, or Bio_100%, I just happened to snag this domain.

If you have info you would like to share, comments, or questions about the site, email me! Hope you can learn something new about TURB on this site!

Latest News:

4/10/24 - Sengoku TURB has a english translation!! The script was translated by cat-on-earth, and you can find the translation here!

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